As a literary nerd, I make it my business to visit online book catalogues on a regular basis. Before this makes me sound like the Paris Hilton of book-shopping, you should know that I derive utmost pleasure in being able to skim through the catalogue and search for books that I would like to read.

If you are any kind of shopper, you would hone my exact feelings about shopping catalogues in general.

Of late, Kinokuniya Singapore’s book catalogue received a face-lift. Unlike its previous vapid, one-dimensional interface. This was rather refreshing:

Doesn’t it look awesome? Or perhaps I am biased since Borders US has fallen to ruin although they do have lovely stores that do not deprive their books of air and freedom.

Well, that’s all I guess. I hope you were not expecting a full post about the glories of the Kino book catalogue, that would be rather strange.